Stories I have written related to agriculture.

How grain sales work

Recently farmers in Kansas had what was probably the best harvest on record for wheat, getting as much as 60 bushels per acre when 45 or so was considered pretty good. There are a lot of variables that go into how good a wheat crop is, and weather plays a huge role. Even how much snow you had - or didn't have - the previous winter, compared to how much rain you had two weeks before harvest, can have a vast impact on crop yield. How the variables come together - or fall apart - makes or breaks a crop each year. Rainstorms during harvest can also play havoc with the yield as moisture effects the weight.

Blockchain could solve agricultural issues

Blockchain is what makes crypto-currency possible, and it may be very valuable in the agriculture world as it gets more accepted around the world. Blockchain is a decentralized world of record keeping, and that has great implications for farming, maybe even more than other industries. Blockchain allows complete transparency in real time, meaning everyone involved in the transaction can see every move that has been made and can see any move that is made in "real time" or at the time the move has been made.