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Election night coverage: Green stays on council

Published on 3rd April 2015 Green loses Mayor's race but stays on council

Kelly Green and Jim Valentine will be returning to the Wellington City council after winning the top two spots in Tuesday’s election. Kip Etter also won a seat on the council by finishing third.
Green was also running for the mayor’s office, but said that while she was disappointed she was happy to still be serving on the council.
She said a lot of people asked her about running for both positions.
“I explained it several times but a lot of people asked why they should vote for me as mayor when they wanted to vote for me as a council member,” she said.
“People decided they wanted me to stay on the council. I am happy to be on the council. I want to get back to work,” she said.
Green said there are projects she wants to stay busy on, such as the water conservation program she helped start last year. She was also involved in some business projects.
“I don’t think I am relieved but I am satisfied with the result,” she said.
She congratulated Etter for winning. Etter finished third and is the owner of the Dore in downtown Wellington.
“I feel privileged and honored that people voted for me,” Etter said. It was his first political race.
“I’ll do my best at the job,” he said.
Jim Valentine was the top vote receiver with 726.
He said he was “very grateful to the people who voted for him, and that I get to serve them They are the people I care about,” he said.
Valentine created a bit of controversy at the meeting Tuesday, calling for an independent audit of the city’s books for the past few years, from 2011 to 2014. That came as the result of numbers presented by a financial advisor who recently told the city it has been moving too much money out of utility funds and into the general fund.
His motion didn’t pass for the lack of a second.
He said he would continue to fight for the people of Wellington and was not sure what his next move would be on the utility funds.
“I want to see the city, and the people, really live, not just survive,” he said.
Valentine said the city is going to have to stop spending and make some cuts in order to get itself in good shape again.
He said he wasn’t sure he got a good answer to his questions about the utility funds at the meeting, “but I am going to keep fighting.”