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Sex and sports

Published on 28th May 2018
Blatantly using a sexy picture just because its a sexy picture. But hey, she could be a softball player. Pixabay photo

How honest can we be about the sex appeal of athletes?

This is day four of my experiment to write whatever comes out of my fingers onto the keyboard. I really like sports and I have been a sports writer for a good part of my journalistic career. I like womens sports. That is kind of a touchy subject.

So should I enjoy looking at the shape of a shortstop while she starts a killer double play? Should I pretend I don’t’ notice how hot that first baseman is while she completes said double play?

I am a guy. I like women. Attractive women are fun to look at, which is why they are attractive. But I do appreciate their athletic ability as well. So should I enjoy looking at the shape of a shortstop while she starts a killer double play? Should I pretend I don’t’ notice how hot that first baseman is while she completes said double play?

President Bush with the 2008 national champion softball team Arizona State. White House photo.

I wonder if women think of these things when they watch men playing sports.

There are women sports fans. So when watching Lebron James rule the court, do women notice how he looks as well. I don’t know if he is a good looking guy or not. I suspect he might be. Big and strong looking, puts out an air of confidence and has a good bit of charisma. I dunno, If I was a woman i might notice certain things. So it isn’t different when watching women play sports.

It just sounds weird to say she has a helluva curveball and really gorgeous eyes. And the softball uniform shows enough of the other curves to let your imagination do the rest. How would feminists react to that? I think it would be hilarious if sportscasters added descriptions of a person’s appearance in addition to the action.

“Notice how that ball just drops when it gets to the plate. That is why she is such a great pitcher and so hard for batters to hit. And even with a sports bra her breasts bounce noticeably in her windup. You also can’t help but notice the appealing curvature of her backside in the windup. She obviously knows how to use her hips to get the most power behind that fastball.”
There is a lot to like about this picture. What do you notice most? Pixabay photo

I am sorry if that is offensive to women. It might not be though.I would like to know what women think about that. Is it wrong to notice that a woman is sexy? Or that she has certain features that are attractive.

I am not talking about any form of harassment or abuse though.

I have covered womens sports some. I have interviewed some very sexy athletes after games. Ill admit to maybe thinking certain things while listening to her describe what it means for her and her team to have just won a championship. But I can guarantee that none of the women I have interviewed have felt anything inappropriate while being interviewed by me. You can enjoy how someone looks without harassing them.

I don’t at all subscribe to blaming women who are harassed. No ladies, you don’t need to cover up to protect me from lusting. I do have some responsibility and can handle it. But let’s be fair. If you are going to leave your breasts uncovered I am going to look at them. Fair enough?

It does raise the question though, of what is appropriate or what is acceptable. It is true that I am not that much of a baseball fan. I’m not sure when i’ve watched a whole nine-inning baseball game played by adults when I was not being paid to be there. There are certain college softball teams that I watch the whole game and may not know the score. I do enjoy the sport of fast-pitch softball, but the sex appeal is also part of the reason I watch the games.

Rugby in Spain. This has potential. Pixabay

Softball shows off women’s nicer features more than other sports do. In volleyball or track they might as well be naked with those very tiny shorts that are very tight. Basketball has potential but there is a lot of loose fitting material that covers them up a lot. The softball uniform does not look like a uniform so much. It seems to show the women in their natural state. Also softball players are more feminine looking. They are also generally less than six-feet tall, and as a short guy that is appealing too.

So the playoffs are here. It is exciting but it is also sad knowing the season is nearly over.