James S.‭ ‬Jordan
‭521 N. Second Street, Arkansas City, KS 67005
‭Email: jjordan2773@sbcglobal.net
‭Phone: 620-442-8734

Writing,‭ ‬editing,‭ ‬page design,‭ ‬desktop publishing,‭ ‬teaching,‭ ‬developing and writing curriculum,‭ ‬computer literate,‭ ‬photography, Social media and web design.

MA in Christian Education,‭ ‬Columbia International University,‭ ‬Columbia,‭ ‬S.C.,‭    (‬1995‭) ‬further study in ancient Greek language.‭    (‬1997-98‭)
BA in English and Journalism,‭ ‬East Tennessee State University,‭ ‬Johnson City,‭ ‬Tenn.‭ (‬1980‭)

Work Experience:

Since 2015. Writing, covering city government and general stories for Sumner Newscow. Writing sports there. General freelancing for various websites.

Feb. 2011 – June 2015, Gatehouse media, three positions.
Managing editor at the Wellington Daily News, in Wellington, KS. Producing a weekly newspaper and keeping a website updated, along with social media. Writing, photography and page design. 
For a year and a half before that I was news editor at the Newton Kansan, in Newton, KS. Helped the paper transition to a central design and pagination system. Writing, page design and website updating.  
Sports writer for the Daily Ardmoreite in Ardmore, Oklahoma, covering high school sports,  ‬some photography and laying out pages using In-design.

2002‭ – ‬2009‭ – ‬Managing Editor for the Arkansas City Traveler in Arkansas City,‭ ‬Kansas.‭ ‬Producing daily newspaper,‭ ‬supervising a staff of six,‭ ‬as well as producing several special issues. Covered city and state government. Wrote editorials, designed and laid out the front page using In-Design. Photography. 

95‭ ‬to‭ ‬2002‭ ‬-‭ ‬News Editor for The Dispatch News,‭ ‬in Lexington S.C.‭ ‬Covering local government,‭ ‬social issues,‭ ‬ general reporting.‭ ‬Assigning stories,‭ ‬planning coverage and page design.  Covered city and state government, as well as sports.

89-93‭ ‬-‭ ‬Copy Editor‭ (‬one year‭) ‬and sports writer for the Island Packet,‭ ‬Hilton Head Island,‭ ‬S.C.

Have received numerous awards from State Press Associations for writing,‭ ‬photography and design.‭ ‬First place awards in news writing,‭ ‬feature writing,‭ ‬sports column,‭ ‬special series,‭ ‬in depth reporting,  photography and page design.‭ ‬In six of  seven years  received state press association awards for page design.

Devotionals and curriculum published by David C.‭ ‬Cook,‭ ‬Standard Publishing,‭ ‬Gospel Union and Lifeway Publishers.
Magazine articles: Preacher Magazine,‭ ‬Ministry and Liturgy,‭ ‬High School Sports Report and the Varsity Sports Journal.
Websites:‭ ‬Annbay.com,‭ ‬Varsitysports.com,‭ ‬Scvarsity.com,‭ ‬An e-book written for Franklin Miami Publishing.